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Willie Nelson and Friends (CD)
Willie Nelson and Friends (CD)

Willie Nelson and Friends (CD)

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Willie Nelson


This album features Willie Nelson with Asleep At The Wheel, Tanya Tucker, and Shirley Collie. It includes 17 tracks. It was released on Capitol Nashville and is now only available here. Limited Edition.



1. Crazy
2. Funny How Time Slips Away
3. Night Life
4. Rainy Day Blues
5. Hello Walls
6. The Part Where I Cry
7. At The Bottom
8. You Took My Happy Away
9. There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight
10. Fire To Fire (Tanya Tucker featuring Willie Nelson)
11. Still Water Runs The Deepest (featuring Asleep At The Wheel)
12. Willingly (featuring Shirley Collie)
13. Together (featuring Shirley Collie)
14. Our Chain Of Love (featuring Shirley Collie)
15. Columbus Stockade Blues (featuring Shirley Collie)
16. Is This My Destiny (featuring Shirley Collie)
17. You Dream About Me (featuring Shirley Collie)