Vince Gill - When I Call Your Name (Vinyl-Gold)

Vince Gill - When I Call Your Name (Vinyl-Gold)


When I Call Your Name is the third studio album from Vince Gill, released in 1989. The album was Gill's first with MCA Records, and proved to be his breakout album, going on to be certified multi-platinum. The 30th anniversary of the album was commemorated in 2019 with a limited edition gold pressing of the album.



  1. Never Alone
  2. Sight For Sore Eyes
  3. Oh Girl (You Know Where To Find Me)
  4. Oklahoma Swing (w/Reba McEntire)
  5. When I Call Your Name


  1. Ridin' The Rodeo
  2. Never Knew Lonely
  3. We Won't Dance
  4. We Could Have Been
  5. Rita Ballou

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