Tyminski - Southern Gothic (CD)

Tyminski - Southern Gothic (CD)


Southern Gothic is the third solo album by bluegrass vocalist and instrumentalist Dan Tyminksi, released in 2017 on Mercury Record Nashville. Tyminksi is most well known for the singing voice of George Clooney's Soggy Bottom Boys character in the film Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? as well as the vocalist on Avicii's song "Hey Brother".


  1. Southern Gothic
  2. Breathing Fire
  3. Gone
  4. Temporary Love
  5. Perfect Poison
  6. Devil Is Downtown
  7. Hollow Hallelujah
  8. Good For Your Soul
  9. Wailing Wall
  10. Haunted Heart
  11. Bloodline
  12. Wanted
  13. Numb


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