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20 Greatest Hits CD
20 Greatest Hits CD

20 Greatest Hits: Suzy Bogguss (CD)

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Suzy Bogguss


 Suzy Bogguss is an award-winning, multi-platinum selling album, most well-known for her work released in the 1990s. Her 20 Greatest Hits album includes 20 tracks released during the 1980s and 90s, including 3 duets with the legendary Chet Atkins.


    1. Drive South
    2. Aces
    3. I Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart
    4. Letting Go
    5. Outbound Plane
    6. Just Like The Weather
    7. Somebody To Love
    8. In The Jailhouse Now (with Chet Atkins)
    9. Cross My Heart
    10. Someday Soon
    11. Hey Cinderella
    12. Forget About It (with Chet Atkins)
    13. Cold Day In July
    14. One More For the Road (with Chet Atkins)
    15. Far And Away
    16. Diamonds And Tears
    17. Under The Gun
    18. From Where I Stand
    19. Eat At Joe’s
    20. Give Me Some Wheels