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Between the Pines (Acoustic Mixtape) (Green/ 2LP Vinyl-Signed)
Between the Pines (Acoustic Mixtape) (Green/ 2LP Vinyl-Signed)

Between the Pines (Acoustic Mixtape) (Green/ 2LP Vinyl-Signed)

Universal Music Group Nashville Store

Sam Hunt


Between the Pines (Acoustic Mixtape) will finally be released on Double LP Green Vinyl. This album had previously not been available on vinyl. It was originally released in October 2013, by his website. Some of the songs later appeared on his debut studio album Montevallo, while some were recorded by other artists. The mixtape was re-released on October 27, 2015, by MCA Nashville to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Hunt's debut studio album Montevallo. Includes signed art card.

Vinyl color may vary from what is pictured.

Limited to 4 per customer.


Vinyl #1
Side A
1. Raised on It
2. Cop Car 
3. Ex to See 
4. House Party 
Side B
5. Leave the Night On 
6. We Are Tonight 
7. Make You Miss Me 
8. I Met a Girl

Vinyl #2
Side C
9. Bottle It Up 
10. Saturday Night 
11. Speakers 
12. Vacation 
Side D
13. Vandalizer 
14. Goodbye 
15. Come Over