Reba - Read My Mind: 25th Anniversary Edition (Vinyl-White)

Reba - Read My Mind: 25th Anniversary Edition (Vinyl-White)


2019 marked the 25th anniversary of Reba's classic 1994 album Read My Mind, and in celebration, the album was released on vinyl for the first time. The multi-platinum album rerelease includes a live bonus track of the song "And Still". This special edition white vinyl was produced in limited quantities. 



  1. Everything That You Want
  2. Read My Mind
  3. I Won't Stand In Line
  4. I Wish That I Could Tell You
  5. She Thinks His Name Is John


  1. Why Haven't I Heard From You
  2. And Still
  3. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
  4. I Wouldn't Wanna Be You
  5. Till You Love Me
  6. And Still (2019 Live Bonus Track)


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