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Read My Mind 25th Anniversary CD
Read My Mind 25th Anniversary CD

Read My Mind 25th Anniversary (CD)

Universal Music Group Nashville Store

Reba McEntire


2019 marked the 25th anniversary of Reba's classic 1994 album Read My Mind. The multi-platinum album rerelease includes a live bonus track of the song "And Still".


  1. Everything That You Want
  2. Read My Mind
  3. I Won't Stand In Line
  4. I Wish That I Could Tell You
  5. She Thinks His Name Is John
  6. Why Haven't I Heard From You
  7. And Still
  8. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
  9. I Wouldn't Wanna Be You
  10. Till You Love Me
  11. And Still (2019 Live Bonus Track)