Reba McEntire - 50 Greatest Hits (CD-3CD Set)

Reba McEntire - 50 Greatest Hits (CD-3CD Set)


50 Greatest Hits (3 CD Set)

Track Listing
Disc #1
1- How Blue
2- Somebody Should Leave
3- Have I Got A Deal For You
4- Only In My Mind
5- Whoever's In New England
6- Little Rock
7- What Am I Going To Do About You
8- Let The Music Lift You Up
9- One Promise Too Late
10- The Last One To Know
11- Love Will Find It's Way To You
12- Sunday Kind Of Love
13- I Know How He Feels
14- New Fool At An Old Game
15- Cathy's Clown
16- 'Til Love Comes Again
17- Walk On

Disc #2
1- You Lie
2- Rumor Has It
3- Fancy
4- Fallin' Out Of Love
5- For My Broken Heart
6- Is There Life Out There
7- The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia
8- The Greatest Man I Never Knew
9- Take It Back
10- The Heart Won't Lie (featuring Vince Gill)
11- It's Your Call
12- Does He Love You (featuring Linda Davis)
13- Why Haven't I Heard From You
14- She Thinks His Name Is John
15- Till You Love Me
16- The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
17- And Still

Disc #3
1- Ringer On Her Finger, Time On Her Hands
2- Starting Over Again
3- The Fear Of Being Alone
4- How Was I To Know
5- I'd Rather Ride Around With You
6- What If It's You
7- If You See Him, If You See Her (featuring Brooks-N-Dunn)
8- Forever Love
9- Wrong Night
10- One Honest Heart
11- What Do You Say
12- I'll Be
13- I'm A Survivor
14- Somebody
15- He Gets That From Me
16- Because Of You (featuring Kelly Clarkson)

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