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The Way It Feels Vinyl (2LP)
The Way It Feels Vinyl (2LP)

The Way It Feels Vinyl LP

Universal Music Group Nashville Store

Maddie & Tae


Double LP includes a 12" x 12" poster within vinyl jacket.

 Limited to 4 per customer.


    1. Everywhere I’m Goin’
    2. Bathroom Floor
    3. My Man
    4. Tourist Town
    5. Drunk Or Lonely
    6. One Heart To Another
    7. Trying On Rings
    8. Write A Book
    9. Water In His Wine Glass
    10. Ain’t There Yet
    11. Lay Here With Me (Featuring Dierks Bentley)
    12. Friends Don’t 
    13. Die From A Broken Heart
    14. I Don’t Need To Know
    15. New Dog Old Tricks