Kip Moore - Wild World (Vinyl-2LP)

Kip Moore - Wild World (Vinyl-2LP)


 Kip Moore's 4th studio album Wild World on two, black vinyl LPs. Included within the packaging is an exclusive 11" x 11" poster, available only with the Wild World vinyl.

Track Listing: (2-LP)
  1. Vinyl #1- SIDE A

    1)- Janie Blu

    2)- Southpaw

    3)- Fire And Flame

    Vinyl #1- SIDE B

    1)- Wild World

    2)- Red White Blue Jean American Dream

    3)- She’s Mine

    4)- Hey Old Lover

    Vinyl #2- SIDE A

    1)- Grow On You

    2)- More Than Enough

    3)- Sweet Virginia

    Vinyl #2- SIDE B

    1)- South

    2)- Crazy For You Tonight

    3)- Payin’ Hard

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