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Wild Ones (Deluxe Edition) (2LP Vinyl-Blue)
Wild Ones (Deluxe Edition) (2LP Vinyl-Blue)

Wild Ones (Deluxe Edition) (2LP Vinyl-Blue)

Universal Music Group Nashville Store

Kip Moore


This is Kip Moore's second studio album- Wild Ones and this Deluxe Edition will now be available worldwide. It’s a double Crystal Blue Vinyl and includes 16 tracks, including the hit singles- "I'm To Blame" and "Running for You".

Vinyl color may vary from what is pictured.

Limited to 4 per customer.


Vinyl #1
Side A
1. Wild Ones
2. Come And Get It
3. Girl Of The Summer
4. Magic
Side B
5. That Was Us
6. Lipstick
7. What Ya Got On Tonight
8. Heart’s Desire

Vinyl #2
Side C
9. Complicated
10. I’m To Blame
11. That’s Alright With Me
12. Running For You
Side D
13. Comeback Kid
14. What I Do
15. Backseat
16. Burn The Whole World Down