Kathy Mattea - The Definitive Collection (CD)

Kathy Mattea - The Definitive Collection (CD)


Kathy Mattea is a prolific country artist, with a career spanning nearly 4 decades, starting in 1984 on Polygram/Mercury Records. The 2006 release The Definitive Collection includes 20 of her biggest hits including the #1 singles "Goin' Gone", "Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses", "Come From The Heart", and "Burnin' Old Memories".


  1. Street Talk
  2. Love at the Five and Dime
  3. Walk The Way The Wind Blows
  4. You're The Power
  5. Train of Memories
  6. Goin' Gone
  7. Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses
  8. Untold Stories
  9. Life as We Knew It
  10. Come From The Heart
  11. Burnin' Old Memories
  12. Where've You Been
  13. She Came From Fort Worth
  14. The Battle Hymn of Love
  15. Time Passes By 
  16. Lonesome  Standard Time
  17. Standing Knee Deep In A River (Dying of Thirst) 
  18. Walking Away A Winner
  19. 455 Rocket
  20. Mary, Did You Know?

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