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Whiskey Does Fan Pack
Whiskey Does Fan Pack

Whiskey Does Fan Pack

Universal Music Group Nashville Store

Jon Langston


Celebrate Jon Langston's debut solo album with the Whiskey Does Fan Pack. This Fan Pack includes one signed Heart On Ice CD and 1 pack of 4 Whiskey Ice Cubes. These Whiskey Ice Cubes are the perfect accessory to go along with a glass of whiskey. Simply freeze the ice cubes, drop them into your glass, and keep your drinks from being watered down.

1 pack of 4 Whiskey Ice Cubes in a box
-1 Cube engraved with Jon's Initials "JL"
-1 Cube engraved with Jon's name
-2 Cubes engraved with a frozen heart
Food Safe
Stainless Steel
Sealed non-toxic gel sealed within
Size: 1" x 1"

Limited to 4 per customer


1. Heart On Ice
2. Beer in a Bar
3. I Ain’t Country (featuring Travis Denning)
4. Whiskey Does
5. Where’s That Girl
6. Never Left Me
7. Dirt Roads & Diamonds
8. Granddaddy’s Watch
9. Day In the 90’s
10. Ain’t No Cowboy
11. Better Off
12. If you ever Leave Atlanta
13. Wrong Side Of The Bottle
14. May Magnolia