Jamey Johnson - The Guitar Song (CD)

Jamey Johnson - The Guitar Song (CD)


Track Listing:
Disc One- Black Album
1)- Lonely At Tht Top
2)- Cover Your Eyes
3)- Poor Man Blues
4)- Set 'Em Up Joe
5)- Playing The Part
6)- Baby Don't Cry
7)- Heaven Bound
8)- Can't Cash My Checks
9)- That's How I Don't Love You
10)- Heartache
11)- Mental Revenge
12)- Even The Skies Are Blue

Disc Two-White Album
1)- By the Seat Of your Pants
2)- California Riots
3)- Dog In The Yard
4)- The Guitar Song (Featuring Bill Anderson)
5)- That's Why I Write Songs
6)- Macon
7)- Thankful For The Rain
8)- Good Morning Sunrise
9)- Front Porch Swing Afternoon
10)- I Remember You
11)- Good Time Ain't What They Used To Be
12)- For The Good Times
13)- My Way To You


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