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The Guitar Song 2CD
The Guitar Song 2CD

The Guitar Song (2CD)

Universal Music Group Nashville Store

Jamey Johnson


Jamey Johnson's critically-acclaimed 2010 album The Guitar Song on 2 CD set.



Disc One-Black Album

1. Lonely At The Top
2. Cover Your Eyes
3. Poor Man Blues
4. Set 'Em Up Joe
5. Playing The Part
6. Baby Don't Cry
7. Heaven Bound
8. Can't Cash My Checks
9. That's How I Don't Love You
10. Heartache
11. Mental Revenge
12. Even The Skies Are Blue

Disc Two-White Album
1. By the Seat Of your Pants
2. California Riots
3. Dog In The Yard
4. The Guitar Song (Featuring Bill Anderson)
5. That's Why I Write Songs
6. Macon
7. Thankful For The Rain
8. Good Morning Sunrise
9. Front Porch Swing Afternoon
10. I Remember You
11. Good Time Ain't What They Used To Be
12. For The Good Times
13. My Way To You