Hayes Carll - Trouble In Mind (Vinyl-2LP)

Hayes Carll - Trouble In Mind (Vinyl-2LP)

$15.99 $19.99


Disc 1 SIDE A

  1. Drunken Poet's Dream
  2. It's A Shame
  3. Girl Downtown
  4. Bad Liver And A Broken Heart
  5. Beaumont


  1. I Got A Gig
  2. Faulkner Street
  3. Wild As A Turkey
  4. Don't Let Me Fall
  5. A Lover Like You

Disc 2 SIDE A

  1. I Don't Wanna Grow Up
  2. Knockin' Over Whiskeys
  3. Willing To Love Again
  4. Waiting On The Stars To Fall
  5. She Left Me For Jesus


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