George Strait - Somewhere Down In Texas (CD)

George Strait - Somewhere Down In Texas (CD)


Somewhere Down in Texas is the chart-topping, platinum-selling 2005 release from George Strait. The album includes George's 40th #1 single "She Let Herself Go" and his cover of Merle Haggard's "The Seashores of Old Mexico".


  1. If The Whole World Was A Honky Tonk
  2. Somewhere Down In Texas
  3. The Seashores Of Old Mexico
  4. You'll Be There
  5. High Tone Woman
  6. Good News, Bad News (feat. Lee Ann Womack)
  7. Oh, What A Perfect Day
  8. Texas
  9. Ready For The End Of The World
  10. She Let Herself Go
  11. By The Light Of A Burning Bridge

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