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George Strait #1's Vol. 3 (Vinyl-Translucent Smoke)
George Strait #1's Vol. 3 (Vinyl-Translucent Smoke)

George Strait #1's Vol. 3 (Vinyl-Translucent Smoke)

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George Strait


George Strait #1’s Vol. 3 will include 14 #1’s songs. Including “Baby Blue”, “What’s Going on In Your World”, “The Chill of An Early Fall” and 11 additional #1 songs. Volume 1 and Volume 2 vinyl are also available that feature 28 #1 songs.

Limited to 4 per customer.

Vinyl color may vary slightly from what is pictured.


1. Let's Fall to Pieces Together
2. Fool Hearted Memory
3. You Look So Good in Love
4. Nobody in His Right Mind Would've Left Her
5. It Ain't Cool to Be Crazy About You  
6. Baby Blue         
7.  What's Going on In Your World                     
8. The Chill of An Early Fall    
9. Today My World Slipped Away
10. The Big One        
11. Run         
12. Round About Way
13. She'll Leave You with A Smile
14. The Best Day