Crystal Gayle - Greatest Hits (CD)

Crystal Gayle - Greatest Hits (CD)


Crystal Gayle's Greatest Hits on CD includes 22 of Crystal Gayle's biggest hits. The collection includes the hit singles "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue", "Talking In Your Sleep" and "If You Ever Change Your Mind" among many others.


  1. I've Cried (The Blue Right Out Of My Eyes)
  2. Wrong Road Again
  3. Beyond You
  4. Somebody Loves You
  5. I'll Get Over You
  6. You Never Miss A Real Good Thing (Till He Says Goodbye)
  7. I'll Do It All Over Again
  8. River Road
  9. Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
  10. Ready For The Times To Get Better
  11. Talking In Your Sleep
  12. Why Have You Left The One You Left Me For
  13. When I Dream
  14. Your Kisses Will
  15. Your Old Cold Shoulder
  16. Half The Way
  17. It's Like We Never Said Goodbye
  18. If You Ever Change Your Mind
  19. Too Many Lovers
  20. You Never Gave Up On Me
  21. You and I (with Eddie Rabbit)
  22. Till I Gain Control Again
  23. The Sound of Goodbye
  24. Cry
  25. He Is Beautiful To Me

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