Rodney Carrington - Greatest Hits (CD-Autographed)

Rodney Carrington - Greatest Hits (CD-Autographed)


Rodney Carrington is a man of many talents, working as a successful actor, singer and comedian over his career. He has released 6 albums on MCA and Capitol Records that combine both his standup and original songs. The Greatest Hits collection is a two disc set with one disc of stand-up comedy and one disc composed of his songs.

The album comes with an additional CD booklet hand-signed by Rodney.

Disc 1: Stand-Up

  1. Country Bar - Mechanical Sheep
  2. Going to Heaven Drunk
  3. Good Woman - 'Lucky
  4. Wife at Garage Sales
  5. Growing Up Poor - Toughskin Jeans
  6. Deer Hunting - Snake Hunting
  7. Walmart
  8. Booby Trap
  9. Baptist Revival
  10. People Piss Ya Off
  11. Rodney Scared
  12. The Weenie Story
  13. Chucky Cheese
  14. Japanese Restaurants
  15. Vacation
  16. Hypochondriac
  17. Tips on Marriage
  18. Helicopter

Disc 2: Music

  1. All the Reasons
  2. Don't Look Now
  3. That Wonderful Day
  4. Carlos, Man of Love
  5. It's Too Late
  6. The Night the Bar Closed Down
  7. Letter To My Penis
  8. Titties and Beer
  9. In Her Day 
  10. Gay Factory Worker
  11. A Dozen Roses
  12. Carlos
  13. Morning Wood
  14. More of a Man 
  15. Pickup Truck
  16. Carlos
  17. Grandpa
  18. Sing You Bastards/Burning Sensation
  19. Little Things
  20. Dancing With a Man
  21. Fred
  22. Letter To My Penis
  23. Put Your Clothes Back On
  24. Things We Didn't Know



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