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Roadhouse Sun (2LP-Vinyl)
Roadhouse Sun (2LP-Vinyl)

Roadhouse Sun (2LP-Vinyl)

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Ryan Bingham


Ryan Bingham has spent most of his life on the road, first on the rough-and-tumble rodeo circuit, then moving from town to town on the equally volatile roadhouse musical circuit. Those travels have given him plenty of material to draw from - and plenty of reason to stop for a moment to dig in his heels and take a stand. Produced, like its predecessor, by one-time Black Crowes guitarist Marc Ford, Roadhouse Sun manages to capture a feel that's rootsy without being retro.

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Side A
1. Day Is Done
2. Dylan’s Hard Rain
3. Tell My Mother I Miss Her So

Side B
4. Country Roads
5. Bluebird
6. Snake Eyes

Side C
7. Endless Ways
8. Change Is
9. Rollin’ Highway Blues

Side D
10. Hey Hey Hurray
11. Roadhouse Blues