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Cold Roses (2LP-Vinyl)
Cold Roses (2LP-Vinyl)

Cold Roses (2LP-Vinyl)

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Ryan Adams


Cold Roses is the sixth studio album by alt-country singer-songwriter Ryan Adams, released on May 3, 2005, on Lost Highway. The album is his first with backing band The Cardinals, and the first of three albums released in 2005.

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Vinyl #1
Side A
1)- Magnolia Mountain
2)- Sweet Illusions
3)- Meadowlake Street
4)- When Will You Come Back Home
Side B
1)- Beautiful Sorta
2)- Now That You’re Gone
3)- Cherry Lane
4)- Mockingbird
5)- How Do You Keep Love Alive

Vinyl #2
Side C
1)- Easy Plateau
2)- Let it Ride
3)- Rosebud
4)- Cold Roses
5)- If I Am A Stranger
Side D
1)- Dance All Night
2)- Blossom
3)- Life Is Beautiful
4)- Friends
5)- Tonight