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Denim & Rhinestones Signed Vinyl Box Set
Denim & Rhinestones Signed Vinyl Box Set

Denim & Rhinestones Signed Vinyl Box Set

Carrie Underwood


The official Limited-Edition Carrie Underwood Vinyl Boxset featuring her new album, DENIM & RHINESTONES. This exclusive boxset comes with a signed custom-printed photo card from Carrie Underwood, and a custom-printed box design displaying the album artwork. Inside each box is a violet colored vinyl record, a denim tote bag, a vinyl slip mat featuring the album artwork, a signed photo card, and a rhinestone sticker pack.

Box Set Includes

  • Denim & Rhinestones Colored Vinyl
  • Signed Art Card
  • Tote Bag made of Denim
  • Rhinestone Sticker Pack
  • Vinyl Slip mat

Vinyl Boxset ships on July 8, 2022.

Limit 4 Per Customer


Side A

1. Denim & Rhinestones
2. Velvet Heartbreak
3. Ghost Story
4. Hate My Heart
5. Burn
6. Crazy Angels


Side B

7. Faster
8. Pink Champagne
9. Wanted Woman
10. Poor Everybody Else
11. She Don’t Know
12. Garden