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Demolition (Vinyl)
Demolition (Vinyl)

Demolition (Vinyl)

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Ryan Adams


Demolition is the third studio album by alt-country singer-songwriter Ryan Adams, released on September 24, 2002, on Lost Highway. The album comprises tracks from Adams' unreleased studio albums, The Suicide Handbook, The Pinkheart Sessions and 48 Hours, as well as "You Will Always Be The Same" from The Stockholm Sessions. In 2009, Adams stated: "I don’t much care for this record. The rock songs are plodding and the quiet songs belonged to better records [...] to make Gold as a compromise then to have to watch those records get broken up for Demolition was heartbreaking."

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Side A
1)- Nuclear
2)- Hallelujah
3)- You Will Always Be the Same
4)- Desire
5)- Cry on Demand
6)- Starting To Hurt
7)- She Wants to Play Hearts
Side B
1)- Tennessee Sucks
2)- Dear Chicago
3)- Gimme A Sign
4)- Tomorrow
5)- Chin Up, Cheer Up
6)- Jesus (Don’t Touch My Baby)