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Greatest Hits CD
Greatest Hits CD

Greatest Hits: Terri Clark (CD)

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Terri Clark


Canadian country artist Terri Clark has released 12 studio albums since her debut album released in 1995 on Mercury Records Nashville. Her Greatest Hits collection is comprised of 11 of her highest charting singles released from 1994-2004, as well as 2 previously unreleased tracks "Girls Lie Too" and "One of the Guys" and a live version of "No Fear". "Girls Lie Too" went on to be released as a single, topping the country charts.


  1. Better Things To Do
  2. When Boy Meets Girl
  3. If I Were You
  4. Poor, Poor Pitiful Me
  5. Emotional Girl
  6. Now That I Found You
  7. You're Easy On The Eyes
  8. Everytime I Cry
  9. A Little Gasoline
  10. I Just Wanna Be Mad
  11. I Wanna Do It All
  12. Girls Lie Too
  13. One of The Guys
  14. No Fear (Live)