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Down On The Drag (Vinyl)
Down On The Drag (Vinyl)

Down On The Drag (Vinyl)

Universal Music Group Nashville Store

Joe Ely


Since his debut in the 1970s, Joe Ely has blended rock n' roll sensibilities with hardcore honky-tonk to become one of the most recognizable and respected artists from the Lone Star State. Ely's first 3 solo albums have been remastered and sourced from the original production masters. This LP is pressed on 180-gram vinyl with restored album jacket artwork. 1979's Down On The Drag features "Fools Fall In Love" and "Standin' At The Big Hotel".

Limited to 4 per customer.


Side A
1. Fools Fall In Love
2. B.B.Q. & Foam
3. Standin’ At The Big Hotel
4. Crazy Lemon
5. Crawdad Train

Side B
6. In Another World
7. She Leaves You Where You Are
8. Down On the Drag
9. Time for Travelin’
10. Maria