Luke Bryan - Doin My Thing (Vinyl-Clear)

Luke Bryan - Doin My Thing (Vinyl-Clear)


We’re celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Doin’ My Thing with releasing the album on vinyl for the first time. Doin’ My Thing comes on 1 standard LP on clear vinyl with 2 bonus tracks, not available on CD or vinyl until now.


  1. Rain Is A Good Thing 
  2. Doin’ My Thing 
  3. Do I 
  4. What Country Is 
  5. Someone Else Calling You Baby 
  6. Welcome To The Farm 
  7. Apologize 


  1. Every Time I See You 
  2. Chuggin’ Along 
  3. I Did It Again 
  4. Drinkin’ Beer And Wastin’ Bullets 
  5. Y’all Can Have This Town (Bonus Track) 
  6. Favorite Flowers (Bonus Track) 

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