Dierks Bentley - The Mountain (CD)

Dierks Bentley - The Mountain (CD)


Dierks Bentley's 2018 album The Mountain on CD. The album includes the hit singles "Women, Amen", "Burning Man" (featuring Brothers Osborne) and "Living".


  1. Burning Man (Featuring Brothers Osborne)
  2. The Mountain
  3. Living
  4. Woman, Amen
  5. You Can’t Bring Me Down
  6. Nothing On But The Stars
  7. Goodbye In Telluride
  8. My Religion
  9. One Way
  10. Son Of The Sun
  11. Stranger To Myself
  12. Travelin’ Light (Featuring Brandi Carlisle)
  13. How I’m Going Out


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