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Wild World Deluxe Edition CD
Wild World Deluxe Edition CD

Wild World Deluxe Edition (CD)

Kip Moore


Kip Moore’s Wild World Deluxe Edition on CD includes the 13 previously released tracks from the Wild World album in addition to four new tracks including “Don't Go Changing”, “Midnight Slow Dance”, “How High”, and “Man's Gotta Do”.


1. Janie Blue
2. Southpaw
3. Fire And Flame
4. Wild World
5. Red White Blue Jean American Dream
6. She's Mine
7. Hey Old Lover
8. Grow On You
9. More Than Enough
10. Sweet Virginia
11. South
12. Crazy For You Tonight
13. Payin' Hard
14. Don't Go Changing
15. Midnight Slow Dance
16. How High
17. Man's Gotta Do